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My name is John and I’m the co-owner of dianabolpills.com. If you’re looking for information about Dianabol or/and anabolic androgenic steroids then you have come to the right place.

I am an experienced ex-steroid user and muscle training expert and I created this site to give you all the information you need to safely make an informed decision about using steroids for muscle gain and weight loss.

We do not sell illegal steroids on this site and we will not point you in the direction of where you can buy anabolic androgenic steroids on-line.

What we will do however, is to give you all the information you need, both the pros and cons. Along with a wealth of knowledge based on years of experience. You can then decide if taking steroids for muscle gain benefits is something that you want to do and if so, we’ll show you how to do so safely.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to get in touch and one of us will reply.

Stay Safe,

John Gamble